Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant

Licensed vocational nurse (LVN) is the terminology used in the states of California and Texas to call licensed practical nurses (LPN). But mind you, it also entails great responsibilities. Being a member of the health care work force, you are responsible for the lives of your patients. An individual needs to be a high school graduate to be able to register in a nursing program that has been approved by the state. Nursing assistants usually work under the guidance of a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse. A single mistake could cost them their careers.

A registered nurse is a prominent health worker in the field of medicine.

Issues that may come up are usually cost, classes, as well as support for their students. Licensed practical nurses may branch out into different industry sectors. Their choice for employers is quite varied as they could be employed by schools, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and foundations to name a few. There is also the stress of dealing with patients with less than pleasant temperaments. It is also necessary to have a lot of patience, as situations in various industries may test the limit of a person regularly.

These 6 month lpn program individuals have also passed the state board, NCLEX – RN or National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, to be able to work. Amongst the certifications available, becoming a CNA-A or Certified Nursing Assistant –Advanced is the most rewarding because an hourly rate of $10 to $14 would be paid to nursing assistants. Once passed, the newly licensed practical nurses could start job hunting. Traditional learning may still be the first choice for many professionals, but with the coming of a new age, an era where computers are used for everyday living, this may change in the years to come. }

With careful examination of each, though, is one able to see the difference between them. The nurse must not be able to create a mistake in their observation and records because it is a person’s life that hangs on the balance. But demanding as this job is, it also has its own perks. Let’s face it. }

As career choices go, there are many out there for an LPN. One just has to choose wisely what job would be most beneficial and rewarding for him. All in all, it is best to say that this is a good profession if one has the requisite qualities necessary for an LPN. It is important that you know how to follow orders. }

At the same time, they also monitor and record if there would be an effect on the patient. They also need to change the intravenous fluid once it run’s out. Adaptability can give you more edge over your peers You can even become a registered nurse by taking the LPN-BSN crossover program in your community college and this will only take you a year or two before you can be qualified to take the NCLEX

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